After talking about the Project for a many years, in August 2010, Fernando Diez, Adrian Arteche (guitar and drums in Natural Born Stonehead) united forces with Thomas Shutter, Alfonso Valladolid and Alejandro Prada (vocals, guitar and bass in MyAlterEgo) to begin writing a more aggressive and direct music style that didn’t find its place in their respective bands. In their beginnings, the band’s main influence was Bury Your Dead, with their low tuning, simple yet direct songs, breakdowns, catchy riffs and guttural vocals, although it was a mere influence as Hummano’s style was never alike.

The band suffered several changes. Alfon and Prada left the band to focus on their other two groups in common, MyAlterEgo and The Eleventh Failure, and Pablo Fernandez joined Hummano to replace Prada as a bass player. They continued as a four-piece until mid-2015, when Alfon rejoined the band as a full time member. For most of Hummano’s time as a quartet, Prada accompanied them as a tour guitarist, throughout the whole Is The Shit promotion tour and half of We Hate You All!!! tour.

At the beginning of 2011 they recorded their first demo, composed of 2 songs, under the title Pordetralus. The recording took place at AllSeeingEye studios (Madrid) by Alejandro Prada. With this first album, the band started modelling their image in which they combined sarcastic humour in their videos, covers, posters and photo shoots, with the seriousness of their music and lyrics.

In February 2013 the band released their first auto proclaimed full length album (a marketing strategy to give importance to a 25 minute EP), which with the musicians and the bands management, Blood Fire death’s, hard work, managed to be heard in every corner of the country.
Produced by Hummano and Alejandro Prada, Is The Shit was recorded between July and December of 2012 at AllSeeingEye studios, except for the drums that were recorded at The Metal Factory studios (Madrid) by Alex Cappa.

The band started their first national tour that took them around the country between September and December of 2013. Thanks to the good critics the album received and their energetic live show, they started receiving offers to play in new cities and extended their tour until August of 2014, finalising it with three major festivals, Restless fest in Portugal and Resurrection and O’Marisquino fest in Galicia.

At the same time the band was playing every weekend in a new city, they continued writing their second album, We Hate You All!!!, composed of 9 new songs and a very special cover of Katy Perry’s I Kissed A Girl And I Liked It, renamed as I Blew My Dog And I Liked It. Except for the bass, which was recorded by Alejandro Prada at AllSeeingEye studios in May 2014, the whole album was recorded at The Metal Factory Studios in June of that same year and was mixed and mastered by Alex Cappa. The album was then released on the 30th of October and soon began to collect very good national and international critiques, establishing the band’s space in the Spanish underground scene.

Between the end of 2014 and mid-2015, Hummano toured Spain for the second time, released a cover song of Biffy Clyro’s That Golden Rule, for the music compilation Bipolar Sessions 2 released by RockZone Magazine. Working hard on their second album, the band continues headlining shows in Spain and looking for a window to jump into Europe.


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